So just a little bit of a hint……When you open emails, make sure that you read the entire email at least once, or if you are like me 3-5 times to make sure that you are understanding what is going on.

On a side note Server is up!

Case of the Monday’s


I love working in the filed I am in and learn something almost everyday, but….

There is nothing quite like coming in on a Monday morning and then have havoc throughout the day. It would even better if the time I spent doing other jobs I could……I don’t know……do my own job and make some head way.

Structure with the elements

  • Structure could be defined by how something (building, person, item) in general can with stand what it is needed for, or it could be a way of life!

In my recent work I have found that structure is in both real life and digital life. Though some may think I am talking about a virtual world online, I am indeed not….I am talking about the computer world and the way that it has built us in to a culture that needs something right this second. I think back to the days where I would be outside for hours without even thinking about going inside to watch TV, that was done on a Saturday morning when I first got up and allowed my parents to sleep in. Though this may seem redundant to what I want to talk about I thought it would be a good start to what I am working on.

So I am working on automating a OS being deployed as a multicast OS that can be installed on numerous computer systems of different types at the same time. The thing is it sounds so easy (and it is), but the struggle is when I run in to problems that I should not, due to the fact that they were working with the previous image. This has not stopped me yet, and I continue to move forward, but I am trying to reach a deadline that I gave myself (this is where my structure would be placed), so that I can move forward with other projects that need my attention, such as WSUS, SCCM, VSphere training and numerous others.

Though I am new to blogging world, I have had other blogging sites, but did not stumble across until I found BJTECHNEWS. This website has allowed me to ask quesitons in order to move along with my work. As of now I am stuck with a REG HACK that will allow me to add a deployment date under the My Computer properties (reg add HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\OEMInformation” /v “Model” /t REG_SZ /d “Deployment Date: %date%” /f).

This will allow me to keep track of when a user last had their computer imaged when a help desk technician remotes in to their computer. This is helpful, but where I would like to get to in a later image is to have this information populate inside of AD, this way if there are some major changes and SCCM is not working properly we can search AD and find the computers that need to be brought in for image update.

I have big plans for myself with this task and since I am only 1 man building an image for 5000+ computers I tend to have these ideas, to allow my life to become easier the more I customize my image.



So the weather where I live put a damper on me being able to properly do my job and to get what I need done in a timely manner! Everyday I seem to get one step closer to finalizing the job at hand. In the next few weeks I plan to have this process complete and ready for roll out. I have to make sure that I keep all the security portions in order, so that the deployment of the project can be complete without issue and there are no hiccups, in order for the users to be completely satisfied with the product.

WDS…..MDT 2012


WDS…..Not to sure of how it works, due to using MDT 2012, but I believe that I may have configured WDS to where MDT will not properly work right. I am testing this theory as soon as I am able to pull up the unattend file for the MDT sever……here’s to hoping I am right, so that I can get back to work and get the job done!



So today I am trying to figure out this conundrum of a problem, but I feel that I have exhausted all my options and am looking for more! Though I know that the answer is an easy one, I just have to figure out what it is…

MDT 2012 is a new beast and if things are not set correctly they will fall apart and drown a person in to a mindful depression!